"Food is our common ground, a universal experience." -  James Beard

    Throughout history, cultures around the world have valued broths. The French call it bouillon, the Italians brodo, and the Japanese suimono. We call ours Good Bones!

    Our traditional recipes have been perfected by Olivier, our Chef & Founder. Hand selecting a nose-to-tail variety of Virginia's finest bones and meat at our partnered abattoir gives us access to fresh cuts that most Chefs can only dream about! We use a very high ratio of bones to water and simmer at the right temperature for the right amount of time with fresh vegetables, aromatics, and spices. Superb ingredients and flawless technique. 

    The result of this balanced synergy is a low carb, nutrient-dense broth exceptionally high in protein and rich in collagen. With no added sugar or hidden ingredients and never diluted with water, it gels solid when chilled - giving you more of what you want from your broth.

    Incredibly rich and flavorful, you can actually deglaze a pan and reduce it to a slightly sticky glaze, making intense sauces à la minute - the same way it's done in the world's best kitchens.

    You will see and taste the difference! Good Bones will transform your cooking and quite possibly your health. Simply put, you will find none finer!  

    a few benefits of  

    Rich in collagen
    Packed with nutrients
    Aids joint mobility
    Promotes restful sleep
    Supports digestive wellness
    Non-dairy, no added sugar
    Low carb, high in protein
    Gluten free