How is my bone broth made?

We use about 10 pounds of bones and meat to 1 gallon of pure water.  This is then strained through multiple custom filters to ensure a reduced fat broth with a silky texture.  We use a mix of bones from nose to tail, together with lots of vegetables and aromatics to provide flavor and trace elements. 

How is my broth packaged?

Good Bones Broth is packaged in recyclable 30-ounce containers and frozen fresh. Freezing is an old technique and we prefer it to other methods such as hot filling, HPP, or using preservatives. In an effort to limit our environmental footprint, streamline production and cut costs, we ship only 6 containers per box.



How is my broth shipped?

We have a cut off for orders on Friday by 12 noon EST. We ship only Monday and Tuesday the following week so that your broth arrives as quickly as possible and never sits in a warehouse over the weekend. We use Greencell Foam – probably the most eco-friendly packing material around – to ship all of our products.



How long does shipping take?

We ship Monday and Tuesday only and always select a 2 to 3-day delivery.

How do I store my broth?

Good Bones Broth should arrive either frozen or a slushy mix. Either one is perfect! You can store your broth in the freezer or the refrigerator. They most important thing is to always, always, keep it cold until you are ready to enjoy it. Good Bone Broth is “real” broth and not to be confused with the pourable options available.



How long will my broth last?

Frozen, Good Bones Broth will keep for about 6 months. Once thawed (best done in the refrigerator so it always stays cold) it will last for about a week.