Good Bones broth works from the inside to nourish and repair your skin, nails, and hair with its many healing properties including collagen. Another traditional remedy is nutrient-rich tallow applied topically as a cream: tallow-based skincare. 

This fits nicely with our nose-to-tail philosophy and commitment to offer 100% natural and effective products that improve your health and change the way you look and feel. Having  a very similar cellular profile to our own skin, tallow is amazingly effective in improving skin health. It protects and prevents damage, moisturizes and gives skin the ability to heal itself. Very different than plant-based products. 

Good Bones 100% natural tallow skin care comes from nature almost ready made with a perfect balance of beneficial nutrients:

  • Vitamins A, B12, D, E, and K

are extremely nourishing for skin. This combination of beneficial vitamins is only found together in animal products

  • Vitamin A

encourages the production of collagen, elastin and healthy skin cells. It strengthens tissue to keep skin firm, smooth and youthful while helping to heal skin issues from acne to aging 

  • B12

is necessary for cell reproduction and it reduces inflammation, dryness, and acne. It is sometimes used to treat conditions like psoriasis and eczema 

  • Vitamin D

contributes to skin cell development, repair, metabolism and immune function. It protects and rejuvenates skin by protecting against free radicals that cause premature aging

  • Vitamin E

powerful antioxidant that repairs and reverses free radical damage and it deeply hydrates improving skin appearance

  • Vitamin K

promotes skin tone, texture and overall health. It soothes inflammation and irritations while speeding the healing process

  • Alpha linoleic and linoleic acids

in almost a perfect ratio of 1:1. More familiar as Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids, they maintain the structure and barrier function of the skin. They are anti-inflammatory and can be effective against eczema, rashes, rosacea and psoriasis

  • Stearic acid and oleic acid

these fatty acids that are found in the outer layer and sebum of our skin. They are softening, regenerative, and anti-inflammatory. Stearic acid helps to repair skin, improve flexibility, and strengthen skin’s barrier function. Oleic acid helps beneficial nutrients penetrate deeply.

  • Conjugated linoleic acid or CLA

is antimicrobial and has powerful anti-inflammatory properties. 

  • Palmitoleic and Palmitic acids

are basic building blocks of skin, improving its smoothness but decrease with age. 


Did you know tallow is so naturally effective? Imagine the combined effect of a daily regime that includes Good Bones broth, cooking tallow and skincare! Our moisturizer blends virgin cold-pressed grapeseed oil – in itself a powerhouse – with pastured tallow. Pure and simple ingredients, no preservatives and fragrance-free.

The result is a very rich cream that, when rubbed in your palms, melts to become a silky warm liquid that your skin absorbs easily and with no greasy residue.

For those who want beautiful, radiant, and healthy skin, tallow is great for all skin types. It is also amazingly effective in soothing problem skin conditions and many customers find it more effective than steroids and chemical-based products. Everyone should protect their skin and making our skincare a part of their routine is a great start! Simply put, you'll find none finer!