Good Bones evolved organically from the simple goal of making healthy food available to my clients. Much of the demand centered on one product that was having the most impact on people’s health: broth.  As the company grew, it became important to maximize our “nose-to-tail" philosophy so we partnered with a local abattoir to control quality and developed products that also have amazing health benefits. 

Everything we make begins with pastured beef that grazes in the foothills of Virginia's Blue Ridge Mountains close to where I grew up and learned to ride, hunt, and fish. And of course, cook! All in the shadow of who many consider America's first "foodie" and fusion cuisine pioneer, Thomas Jefferson! I am proud to continue this rich tradition of farm-to-table in the same area where it began.

It is a land of bounty that we bring to you in each box. When purchasing from Good Bones, you get the best products available and you are helping to support a network of small businesses that strengthens these communities that I love. And these relationships give us 100% traceability for each batch of broth, tallow, and skincare we make. Knowing exactly what is in the products you buy, how they are made, and where they come from is very important to our customers and to us. It's in part what makes Good Bones unique.

We are happy to be a smallish family-owned company, homegrown and proudly made in the USA!