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The Good in Good Bones


"I have been looking for a product made from local ingredients from a small company I can trust. Your customer service was very personal and the beef broth makes me cook like a pro. What a sauce!" - Tom V, New Haven, CT

"So hard to find a real broth from a real company. Love it!" - Brian N, Norwalk, CT

"My doctor recommended drinking broth, but not store bought. I've tried many and Good Bones is unique." - Annie F, Westport, CT

Ancient Nutrition

We follow traditional recipes honed by years of practice in French and Swiss kitchens.  Our broths call for about 12 pounds of bones and meat to 1 gallon of filtered water.  A mix of bones from nose-to-tail, together with hearty vegetables and delicate herbs provide flavor and trace elements.  The broths are strained through multiple custom filters to ensure a reduced fat broth with a silky texture. 


Rich in collagen

Packed with nutrients

Aids joint mobility


Promotes restful sleep

Supports digestive wellness

Non-dairy, no added sugar

Low carb, high in protein

Gluten free

A Short History of a Long Tradition

Around 555 B.C. the Prophet Ezekiel told his followers, according to the Old Testament, “Heap on the wood, kindle the fire, Boil the flesh well And mix in the spices, And let the bones be burned.” In the 12th century, in his treatise titled Medical Aphorisms of Moses Maimonides, the Egyptian Jewish scholar writes, “chicken soup is both an excellent food, as well as a medication.” The French call it “bouillion,” the Italians “brodo,” and the Japanese “suimono.” We call ours “Good Bones.” The point is; we’re doing nothing new here but just trying to make the finest damn bone broth for you to enjoy. To your health!