The Good in Good Bones

Good Bones evolved organically from the simple
goal of making healthy food available to my clients. Much of the demand centered on one product that was having the most impact on people’s health: broth.

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a short history of a long tradition

I’ve spent years at the stove in top kitchens from California to Switzerland. A Swiss-American-born Chef and graduate of The Culinary Institute of America, I am fortunate to have worked with many talented people cooking in some of the world’s most beautiful destinations.

According to legend, in 1765 the first "restaurant" was opened on the rue des Poulies by a Parisian named Monsieur Boulanger. He served mostly  bouillons restaurants. The French word restaurants  that described Boulanger's bouillons (broths) is from the Latin  restaurare, which means "to renew/restore.”  Hmmm ... restorative broths ...we see a trend here! 

The sign over his door read: "Boulanger provides divine sustenance" and he continued with a sense of humor emphasizing in Latin: "Venite ad me omnes qui stomacho laboratis et ego vas restaurabo."

In English, this translates as "Come to me all who suffer from pain of the stomach and I will restore you" - a pun reflecting the restorative powers of his broths and Jesus's invitation in Matthew 11:28 "Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest."

In leaving a long career in restaurants to create my company, I’ve unwittingly returned in a sense to the very roots of my profession – a restaurant. An irony that is not lost on me!

All of us at Good Bones are passionate about creating these products and making them available directly to you.

Best in health!